June 24, 2024

GreenSpur’s Innovative Wind Generator Technology

GreenSpur has made remarkable advancements in wind generator technology, developing innovative and efficient designs that address some of the industry’s most pressing challenges. With a focus on sustainability and performance, GreenSpur has introduced a range of patented technologies that are set to revolutionise the renewable energy sector.

Here’s a look at some of their key patents and their contributions to the field:

250kW GreenSpur Rare Earth Free Stackable Generator Wind Turbine 1MW

Axial Flux Generator Topology: This patent introduces a unique design for a direct drive wind generator using an axial flux topology. By optimally arranging the stator and rotor plates, along with incorporating non-rare earth permanent magnets and Aluminium windings, this design enhances the generator’s performance and reliability.

Anti-Cogging Technology: This innovation addresses the issue of cogging torque, which can cause vibrations and reduce efficiency. By optimising the ratio of stator coils to rotor magnets, this technology minimises electromagnetic vibration and ensures smoother start-ups, thereby enhancing the overall structural reliability of the generator.

Enhanced Rotor Design: This patent features an improved rotor configuration that magnifies magnetic flux using interpole and principal magnets. This configuration maximises the magnetic flux across the generator’s air gap, significantly boosting power density and performance, especially with weaker non-rare earth magnets.

Advanced Construction Method: This method uses spacers to maintain the precise positioning of rotor disks, preventing unwanted axial movements. This design increases the structural integrity of multi-stage generators, reducing the risk of failures and maintenance needs over the generator’s lifespan.

Efficient Cooling Mechanisms: These patents focus on enhancing cooling efficiency by using axial fans to blow air through the generator’s air gap, which then exits via strategically placed orifices. This arrangement ensures optimal heat transfer, improving the effectiveness of low-cost convective cooling.

Optimised Winding Fill Factor: By using thin aluminum foil windings with an anodised insulation layer, this design achieves a high winding fill factor of over 92%. This results in reduced Joule losses and higher efficiency during operation.

Anti-Flexure Support: This feature introduces an additional bearing system to minimise axial flexure and movement of the stator plates, ensuring structural stability and reducing maintenance needs.

Performance Enhancement: This patent proposes an ideal teardrop shape for aluminum coils, which reduces electrical resistance and thermal loading, leading to higher efficiency and better performance of the generator.

These patents collectively highlight GreenSpur’s commitment to advancing wind generator technology through innovative design and engineering solutions. By addressing key issues such as cogging torque, cooling efficiency, and structural integrity, GreenSpur continues to enhance the performance and reliability of renewable energy systems.

GreenSpur’s Vision and Industry Impact

GreenSpur’s dedication to innovation and sustainability is evident in their creation of a Rare Earth-free generator, addressing significant supply chain risks in the renewable energy industry. Their generator is a game-changing, cost-efficient solution that incorporates multiple innovations, including the use of ferrite magnets and patented aluminium coils, which replace the copper windings used in existing generators. Composite materials are also used to aid lightweighting, further enhancing the efficiency and environmental benefits of their design.