UK Offshore Wind Sector Deal (OWSD)

A short summary

In 2019 the Government made the first sector deal for a renewable energy technology with the offshore wind industry. Thus, putting offshore wind at the centre of the UK’s green future.
There will be up to £250 million invested to develop the UK supply chain, this includes an investment of up to £100 million in a new industry programme the called Offshore Wind Growth Partnership.
The Sector will commit to increase UK content to 60% by 2030.
The Government will work with the Sector to ensure that up to 30GW of offshore wind can be delivered by 2030, which could support 27,000 jobs, including in manufacturing, according to the sector’s estimates.

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GreenSpur’s Goal with the OWSD

GreenSpur is currently working with a network of likeminded UK supply chain partners to develop high-value manufacturing and assembly processes.
We believe we can establish a UK Manufacturing Centre of Excellence around our innovative generator in the next 3 to 5 years with the support from the deal.

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“By 2030 a 1/3 of our electricity will come from offshore wind, generating thousands of high quality jobs across the UK, a strong UK supply chain and a fivefold increase in exports.”

– Claire Perry, Minister of State for Energy and Clean Growth from 2017 to 2019