Onshore Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs)

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs) are now seeing a resurgence

Multiple projects in multiple countries are working to bring new VAWT solutions to market. They represent a unique form of power-generation, which will open up previously untapped markets. Although, current VAWT designs lag behind their Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT) counterparts in terms of efficiency, as measured by their power coefficient, other attractive benefits are now attainable.

New research suggests that VAWTs can now provide some highly attractive and cost-effective solutions. Firstly, they can be deployed in locations that may be unsuitable for HAWTs. But secondly, when deployed within existing wind farms they can accelerate airflow, which in addition to the VAWT energy generated improves the return of the downstream HAWTs. It is estimated that 20% of existing 140GW of deployed wind farms could benefit from this approach, which represents a $250bn market opportunity.

There are a variety of VAWT designs. Three popular configurations are the Savonius (drag-driven) rotor, the curved blade Darrieus (lift-driven), and the H-Rotor Darrieus (lift-driven).

Access to Direct Drive Generator technology is now problematic and VAWT developers are experiencing two challenging problems

Design compatibility
Existing Rare Earth direct drive generators have been designed for use within HAWT configurations. They haven’t been optimised to meet specific requirements, so deliver sub-optimal results when forced into new VAWT configurations.

Access to reliable long-term generator supplies
New VAWT developers are struggling to gain access to the Rare Earth direct drive generator market. Rare Earth magnet prices have risen 400% since early 2021, material shortages are forecast, long-lead times are commonplace and demand for is rising fast. The combination of these factors is making it very difficult for new, predominantly SMEs, to gain reliable and cost-effective market access.

The Solution for the VAWT market is the GreenSpur Rare Earth-Free Generator

Our generators are designed to fully optimised VAWT performance. We eliminate the need for Rare Earth magnets and copper coils without any loss in performance.

Numerous electromagnetic innovations and 11 inventions covered by 51 patent assets around the world, of which 33 are granted patents.Single 250kW stage of 1MW DD-PMG built, tested
Scalable design addresses 5kW to multi-MW.