The solution to Rare Earth-free energy

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GreenSpur Generator

Discover the future of renewable energy with the GreenSpur Generator. Here at GreenSpur, we’ve redefined the possibilities of sustainable power generation. Our Rare Earth-free generator, meticulously tested and validated at the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult (OREC) in Blyth, UK, stands as a testament to our commitment to revolutionising the wind and tidal energy markets.
Driven by a mission to deliver unparalleled environmental impact, our modular design approach offers scalability from 10kW to over 20MW. With 53 international patents safeguarding our advancements, we’ve pioneered the use of ferrite magnets and aluminium coils, alongside lightweight composite materials, to create a generator that sets new standards for efficiency and sustainability.
In collaboration with esteemed partners like OREC and Warwick Manufacturing Group, we’re advancing our technology to new levels. We believe we are the only truly revolutionary innovation in drivetrain technology happening today.
Design Services 
Empowering your journey towards sustainability, GreenSpur offers comprehensive design and analysis services tailored to your needs.
Design: Utilising the latest Multiphysics models we can develop customised generator designs that meet your, efficiency, mass, cost and volume specifications while harnessing the supply chain benefits of using ferrite magnets and aluminium coils.
Manufacturing and Lifecycle Support: Whether it’s scaling up production or optimising costs, our team provides expert guidance throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring operational excellence from inception to completion.
IP Licensing: Access GreenSpur’s intellectual property and expertise through licensing agreements, unlocking custom designs and streamlined production processes anywhere around the world
The GreenSpur generator contains numerous electromagnetic innovations and 11 inventions covered by 51 patent assets around the world, of which 33 are granted patents.