Our Team

Darren Robertson
Managing Director

An MBA Graduate from Durham, with his career formed in the Air Force before joining industry in leadership positions for major global names. Darren joined GreenSpur in February 2022 as the company’s Managing Director. He is responsible for the development of the Company’s technology and IP suite and for managing the transition of the business from a technology start-up to a profitable commercial operation.

Andrew Hine
Commercial Director

Andrew is a co-founder of Greenspur. He is an accountant and MBA who specialises in strategic business development. Over his career he has held senior roles in a variety of start-up and early-stage entrepreneurial businesses in energy, technology, and renewables.

Andrew is responsible for business development at GreenSpur.

Hugh-Peter Kelly
Co-founder and Inventor

A professional engineer and inventor of the Greenspur DD-PMG. He has extensive experience in product innovation, R&D and IPR. The tubular linear motor, a product that he invented, patented and brought to market in the 1980s remains in use worldwide.

Ken Khor
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Ken joins the Greenspur team with over 10 years of experience in developing and commercialising technical products and 4 years of experience in the wind energy industry. His focus at Greenspur is to refine the magnet and generator coil form factors to achieve economies of scale in components and assembly processes.

Martyn Heelbeck
Senior Mechanical Engineer

As a Senior mechanical engineer Martyn is responsible for the mechanical aspects of our generator design, its manufacture and assembly. He is also responsible for the integration of our generators into a wide variety of on and offshore turbine platforms. His role is to take ideas and opportunities and turn them into real world applications.