The World’s First:

Ferrite Based Direct Drive Permanent Magnetic Generator

GreenSpur has developed a new generator that is scalable to multiple supplier configurations, is free from the complications that come with Rare-Earth magnets and eliminates many pain points in wind turbine maintenance.


Watch our video for an overview of issues with traditional wind turbines generators.

Our Mission

When it started its project in September 2014, GreenSpur was aware there had been a market move towards DD PMGs to facilitate upscaling and cost reduction. However, the market leading DD PMGs being developed were reliant on the use of scarce and expensive rare earth magnets.

Problems associated with using rare earth magnets. 

Almost 95% of global rare earth market production originates from China and is in high demand from other rapidly expanding global industries such as: batteries for electrical vehicles, defence, aerospace, medical, computing and mobile phones. The 2015 annual production of the rare earth elements neodymium and dysprosium, key components in the manufacture of the rare earth magnets, is estimated at only 35,900 tonnes and 1,902 tonnes respectively (European Commission JRC, 2011). By contrast ferrite magnets are made from iron ore, an abundantly available material and it is estimated that worldwide reserves amount to 800 billion tonnes (Minerals Education Coalition).

GreenSpur is the first company to develop a credible ferrite DD PMG.

High growth is forecasted for the global offshore wind market, which will create high demand for DD PMGs. To meet estimates it is predicted that by 2025 DD PMGs could require 35% of global rare-earth magnet production. This could result in significant price hikes and long supply lead times, particularly if competing and politically influential industries (e.g. defence or electric vehicles).


Our Technology

By using a low cost and abundantly available material capable of delivering an equivalent output at a comparable weight GreenSpur will significantly expand the future market for large scale DD PMGs. 

Key Technical Advantages:

  • Multi-stage capability for quick scaling, retro-fitting and maintenance

  • Design eliminates cogging

  • Low temperature sensitivity (Curie Point 460°C) – making cooling easier and maximises use of generator footprint

  • Readily available, non-corrosive, and safe for handling magnets

  • Magnetically balanced axial design

  • Optimised electro-magnetic configuration

  • Increased simplicity for manufacture: use of readily available components (pre-fabricated bearings etc.)

  • Shock resistance configuration: insensitive to air gap




Projected CAPEX savings for a ferrite based generator without taking into account additional projected operational / maintenance savings.



Electric Vehicles Powered

By the same number of rare Earth magnets used in one 10MW wind turbine. Competition for materials is intense and expected to drastically increase.



Patents on file or pending review

10 patents already filed with an additional 7 in pending review in various geographies.


Our Partners

GreenSpur is fortunate to have access to some of the best in the business for wind turbine generation. By using the best partners, GreenSpur has been able to quickly refine and improve its design with UK industry leaders.


CatapuLT Offshore renewable Energy (ORE)

Catapult ORE is the UK's leading technology innovation research centre for offshore renewable energy. They have supported over 400 SMEs, completed almost 200 research projects and over 120 companies supported in their product development. Support functions include testing & validation, research & innovation, and operation & performance.


DNV GL is the largest technical consultancy and supervisory to the global renewable energy (particularly wind, wave, tidal and solar) and oil & gas industry - 65% of the world's offshore pipelines are designed and installed to DNV GL's technical standards.

Xi Engineering

A highly regarded organisation whose client base extends across many industrial sectors to validate engineering design. They specialize in highly complex engineering problems to provide an effective, dependable and commercially pragmatic solutions.

Manufacturing Technology centre (MTC)

The MTC was established in 2010 as an independent Research & Technology Organisation (RTO) with the objective of bridging the gap between academia and industry. They help companies manufacture faster, at a consistently higher quality and lower cost, in an agile environment in partnership with industry and academia. 

Warwick manufacturing group (WMG) & University of cambridge

Work with two premier UK universities for finite element analysis, subject matter expertise and academic advisory. Both universities have provided input to ensure the highest academic rigor has been applied to engineering design.

Ricardo Engineering

A global strategic engineering and environmental consultancy with deep technical expertise to provide market assessments and strategic industry analysis for transportation, defence and clean energy.

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March 2087

“The price and supply risks associated with using rare earth magnets, plus high R&D and commercialisation costs, are deterring new entrants to the DD-PMG market.”

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Media & Press Releases


Our Management Team


Andrew Hall

Chairman and ex CFO of Siemens Gamesa

He completed the merger of the Siemens and Gamesa wind turbine businesses and listed the new entity on the Spanish stock exchange. He also set up the Siemens licensing agreement with Shanghai Electric.


Andrew Hine

Director and co-founder

A skilled director who specialises in strategic business development. He successfully exited 2 start-ups in 1990s. Currently being supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering’s
SME Leaders Programme.


Hugh-Peter Kelly

B.Sc. MIET, Director and co-founder

A professional engineer and inventor of the GreenSpur DD-PMG. He has extensive experience in product innovation, R&D and IPR. The tubular linear motor, a product that he invented, patented and brought to market in the 1980s remains in use worldwide.


Alex Freeman

MBA, Project Manager

A former Army Officer and experienced project manager. He also teaches corporate governance on executive education programmes and EMBAs.