GreenSpur Renewables

GreenSpur RenewablesThe Next Revolution in Wind Turbine Technology

The Next Revolution in
Wind Turbine Technology

GreenSpur Renewables is a company with specialist electromagnetic engineering and product design skills.

The company’s heritage is in electromagnetic innovation and one of its founders Hugh-Peter Kelly is a recognized international expert in this area with multiple patents granted internationally.

The company began work on its revolutionary DD PMG design in September 2014. Hugh-Peter Kelly formed a team of experienced electromagnetics engineers and set a project objective to design from first principles a new DD PMG that would:

  • Only use ferrite magnets, i.e. remove a reliance on rare earth magnets,
  • Would be viable at a multi MW level, i.e. in the 6MW to 15MW range, and
  • Would deliver significant LCOE reductions via CAPEX and OPEX savings.

Project results indicate that substantial cost savings can be achieved.

The University of Cambridge has developed a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) that has been used to validate project results. 

Greenspur’s Key Strengths

  • World leading electromagnetic expertise, R&D and prototyping skills.
  • Long standing R&D relationships with leading Universities.
  • An excellent understanding of IP and global patent prosecution, and
  • A unique understanding of magnet manufacturing and assembly processes.

My objective at the outset was to see if we could research, design and build a direct drive permanent magnet generator that could deliver comparable output at a comparable weight to existing generators. I was convinced that if we could accomplish this that we would be able to deliver significant cost savings. We have achieved our initial objective and have confirmed that ferrite magnets now provide a viable alternative for direct drive permanent magnet generators! Hugh-Peter Kelly, Director GreenSpur Renewables