GreenSpur Renewables

GreenSpur RenewablesThe Next Revolution in Wind Turbine Technology

The World’s First Ferrite Based DD PMG
Capable of Cost Effective Multi MW Generation

Welcome. GreenSpur Renewables has developed a new low cost direct drive (DD) permanent magnet generator (PMG) for the wind turbine market.

GreenSpur's new DD PMG offers wind turbine manufacturers three key advantages:

Lower cost:
Powered by ferrite magnets--using one of the earth's most abundant resources

Greater efficiency:
Capable of delivering significant LCOE reductions via CAPEX and OPEX savings

Scalability for the future: 
A solution for manufacturers seeking to upscale output and accelerate growth

GreenSpur has assembled a team of highly experienced electromagnetics engineers and designers. The group has significant R&D and prototyping skills and fully understands the challenges associated with scaling its technology. Our engineers are currently working on 3MW and 6MW designs and have plans in place to build much larger machines.

The company's vision is to have a 15MW DD PMG in test by 2021

Our generator has been designed for low cost, high volume manufacture and will be brought to market via strategic relationships with global manufacturing and supply chain partners.

Over the next 20 years offshore wind will revolutionise the delivery of clean renewable energy with the installation of over 50GW of new capacity. To deliver on this ambitious target new innovative technologies are required to drive down cost and upscale output. The GreenSpur DD PMG will be part of this revolution.Andrew Hine, Director, GreenSpur Renewables